Former and existing clients of the Law Office swear by our services.
"J-P Ung guided me skillfully through the complexities of the divorce system in my difficult and contentious case. He understood my situation well and he always treated me as a personal friend."D.F., Toronto, Ontario
"I have a bad impression of lawyers (like most of us probably do) to begin with but I have to honestly say, JP changed my mind.
I was referred to JP by a friend and meeting with him, at first, I was very apprehensive as he seemed very serious... And I soon found out that he is indeed extremely serious, taking pride in his work, putting his clients needs first and getting the best for them.
Going through a divorce was too difficult for me. I wanted the process to be quickly done and over with and working with JP sure made things a lot easier.
I have to say, JP wasn't like any typical lawyer I expected him to be. He actually listens and is emphathetic, he was sincerely warm and caring... This gave me comfort (from the least expected source) and helped me transition through the whole divorce process more gracefully.
JP was upfront with the facts and straightforward with his communications. He didn't beat around the bushes nor did he sugarcoat things. He walked me through the process clearly, explained things in laymens terms such that I could understand all the legal jargons, he educated me on my options & constantly kept me informed on the progress.
Not only did he tell me of the things that I'd like to hear, but he was also very upfront with things that I didnt want to hear. It felt like he was a big bro to me, watching my back.
These gestures not only comforted me but also reassured me - it gave me confidence that I was working with a nice, competent and professional lawyer. One less thing to worry about (no guessing game, no waiting game).
JP even went to extra lengths to address my sticky situations, patiently accomodate my indecisiveness and expedited my many requests...
Thanksssss, JP and team for your wonderful service. This process couldn't have been any smoother without you guys."
J.K., Toronto, Ontario
"Thanks a lot for everything!
Not only for all the discounts but for being a good person & friend!
I hope we can still one day play tennis & we keep in touch!
I'll always refer you to anyone I know or hear who needs legal council...your work ethics are above par!
Your professionalism about the divorce was awesome & you sense of humor when we chatted was outrageously great!"S.W., Markham, Ontario
"Jean-Pierre Ung came very highly recommended by someone I trust. JP exceeded my expectations in every way. His response time was lightning quick. His communication was clear, non-evasive and respectful of my billing time. He did what I needed him to do: JP challenged my thinking, without questioning my judgement. I would recommend JP to any close friend, colleague or relative. (perhaps not an X-relative)"C.S., Etobicoke, Ontario
"Mr Ung is the most competent lawyer I've ever met and I've dealt with many in the past both personally and professionally due to my job. My husband and I used Mr. Ung's services for our estate documents. and he was prompt, friendly and thorough. Never once felt like I was being jerked around for more billable hours. Would recommend to anyone."P.N., Oakville, Ontario
"I referred Mr. Ung to my sister to deal with a civil litigation matter. He provided her with great advice and assistance. She was extremely happy with his services. Thanks go out to Mr. Ung and his office!"C.R., Calgary, Alberta
"Mr. Ung was referred to my family from a friend who had used Mr. Ung's services for her divorce and custody case. We used Mr. Ung's services to complete a will and power of attorney for my parents and myself. He was very knowledgeable and was very patient in his explanations to my parents who are more senior. We received prompt responses to all our emails after hours and Mr. Ung was very flexible in his hours since I work 9am to 5pm and had to meet after hours. I would strongly recommend Mr. Ung to everyone who is looking for a knowledgeable lawyer, great service and who doesn't want to pay the Bay St. Lawyer costs."M.S., Thornhill, Ontario
"I contacted Mr. Ung because my elderly parents needed wills and powers of attorney. Mr. Ung was so great! He was patient with my parents. He took the time to meet them at their home because it is hard for them to get around. He explained and went through all the forms and documents with them. It was not easy because they were apprehensive with the whole process which can be intimidating for older people. Thank you again to his law office and I will be back for my own estate documents."M.W., Toronto, Ontario
"I found Mr. Ung's office online. I was skeptical like most people trying to find a lawyer whom I can trust especially because I was dealing with a stressful legal matter. Mr. UNG did not disappoint. He discussed my matter right away with me over the phone and met with me in person promptly. He got everything resolved quickly and I was pleasantly surprised at his more than reasonable fees! Not that I plan to ever need a lawyer again or wish anyone to ever need one, but if I do or anyone I know needs one, then I surely will go back or tell them to go to Mr. Ung."T.L., Toronto, Ontario
"JP is a great lawyer. He gets things done. he works fast and hard for his clients. I am more than satisfied with his services and anyone looking for a great divorce lawyer should call him."M.Q., Markham, Ontario
"Excellent lawyer. He is reliable and knowledgeable. If I had any questions, he would reply immediately. I had encounter a problem that needed emergency advice on a Friday night, he called me at 7pm to give me advice. I don't think there is a lawyer out there who does that!!! I work odd hours but JP is flexible to try to accommodate your time and schedule. Always prepare in advance to save you money! I highly recommend him to represent you!!!"S.C., Toronto, Ontario
"I am very satisfied with the services provided by Mr. Ung. He is very knowledgeable, honest and flexible. Whether your case is complex or simple in nature, he allocates his attention and time both equally and professionally. Lastly, I would like to add that he is also personable and humorous, which makes him pleasant to work with."E.N., Toronto, Ontario
"I have dealt with Mr Ung, or as his staff and client's referred to him as JP, on a family matter. I have observed how efficient he is and the amazing results which he attained. I would recommend his services to family and friends. JP was was simply put, forthright about my case from the very beginning. He continued to provide me with his professional opinion, while not intimidating or compelling me to agree or settle for anything less then I felt I was entitled. JP was also very approachable, whether it be financial concerns, legal advice or moral support, during a time of distress and severe anxiety. It is my pleasure to recommend the services of JP, to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation."D.C., Newmarket, Ontario

Gifted lawyer and empathetic person-a rare combination.

"A truly gifted lawyer and empathetic person; Jean-Pierre Ung is a rare find. I am blessed to have Mr. Ung as my Lawyer during my remarkably challenging separation, custody issues, including financial/asset divisions and leading up to my divorce order. He exceeded my expectations in all my encounters with him. I am so grateful for his honesty and commendable ability to efficiently deliver closure in a surprisingly short time–saving me needless legal costs. I was treated with respect; my inquiries were always met in a timely manner and he never made me feel like I had a stupid question. Even on occasions where he was not able to attend to my emails right away, I would get a quick reply, “I am in court. Will respond ASAP.” This is the first testimony/review I have ever written. I am putting this in writing as I honestly feel Mr. Jean-Pierre Ung’s high level of professionalism and overall conduct as an empathic individual deserve praise."

C.L., Toronto, Ontario
"People say that I'm difficult, demanding and impatient. Even if that was true, J.P. was able to deal with me. He got things done ASAP! Many thanks to him and his office for helping me with a difficult matter in dealing with Canadian and laws here in the States where I reside. Best of wishes to him at his new office!"E.S., Washington, U.S.A.

JP Ung : Professional, Reliable and Efficient

"The subject may seem like an advert, but I have been working on a case with Mr. Ung in Vietnam. He has been very professional, reliable and efficient. It's been great to meet someone with integrity to admit that he doesn't know everything and needs to check it before giving me the advice that I need."

L.P., Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Outstanding Service!!!

I consulted JP on Wills and Power of Attorney. I have no knowledge in either and was not sure what I needed. JP was very knowledgeable, patient and professional provided an excellent service. He explained in details and ensures all my questions were answered. I would highly recommend him to all my family members and friends. Truly outstanding work! Happy New Year To You and Your Firm.

N.K.K., Markham, Ontario

Honest & Straightforward

JP provided a great experience during a difficult time for my family and I. He was able to provide straightforward options on dealing with multiple legal matters for family estates and disputes. He provided guidance and honest opinions on how to handle the matters, next steps, and expected outcomes. He provided great examples and did extra research to make us feel comfortable and help us understand all angles of our situation. Thanks to him, we will be using his services for all our future family legal needs.

C.T., Toronto, Ontario
I consulted JP on a DUI after consulting 5 other lawyers. He was the only the lawyer that was honest with me from day one about what to expect. I ended up spending less money, with a satisfactory outcome. I have a job that depends on my drivers license, and he very well may have saved my livelihood. Thanks JPR.G., Toronto, Ontario
Jean-Pierre Ung came very highly recommended by someone I trust. JP exceeded my expectations in every way. His response time was lightning quick. His communication was clear, non-evasive and respectful of my billing time. He did what I needed him to do: JP challenged my thinking, without questioning my judgement. I would recommend JP to any close friend, colleague or relative. (perhaps not an X-relative)S.S., Etobicoke, Ontario
Another glowing review by a client. My case involving a substantial separation agreement was going nowhere. My second lawyer was worse than my first. Her only strength was creating more billable hours than results. Enter Jean-Pierre Ung. Recommended by my real estate lawyer Kenneth Goodbrand, Jean-Pierre took on my case, took over the situation and won the day. The creative solution oriented, problem solving methods of his led to a 100% satisfactory conclusion and closed my case in less than 2 months. Jean-Pierre listens, understands then responds in the most prolific legal way I have seen. Working with JP was one of the best professional experiences I've ever had.R.M., Markham, Ontario

Jean-Pierre will give you amazing legal advice and he is very efficient

When I first met Jean-Pierre for a free consultation, I felt comfortable with his demeanor and knowledge in the field. He was more than willing to listen to my concerns and took the time to explain how the law works. Although sometimes I may have got agitated during the process, he was able to bring me back to reality and focus on the task at hand, which was my separation agreement. I knew I was in good hands in dealing with him and his support staff. They were all very professional and were quick to respond to any questions I had, even on weekends or late in the evening. Although going through a separation and then the final divorce is not easy for anyone, I would highly recommend Jean-Pierre and his Team.

J.K., Toronto, Ontario

Efficient & Straightforward Lawyer

JP was helpful during a difficult time in my life and provided me with professional advice during my divorce. He always responded in a fast & efficient manner, which kept my legal bills as low as possible. In order to accommodate to my busy schedule, he even offered to do discussions over the phone after office hours which I greatly appreciated. He was extremely patient with my questions and concerns, and acted like a brother who actually cared and understood my situation. He is more than just a lawyer who’s only interested about his business. If you’re looking for a hardworking, efficient and honest divorce lawyer, I highly recommend JP.

B.K., Toronto, Ontario

Outstanding service. Quick and efficient!

I recently used the services of Jean-Pierre Ung. I was extremely impressed with level of service he provided. He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. In a matter of seconds he was able to direct me in obtaining some replacement divorce documents which in needed in a very short period of time. I was concerned that I wasn't going to get them on time and he assured me that I would. I did. With a few phone calls he made it happen. So thankful. I highly endorse Jean-Pierre and his services. Thank you

J.A., Toronto, Ontario