Former and existing clients of the Law Office swear by our services.

highly recommend!

So many positive things to say, not only is JP very smart, he doesn't waste time and makes the lawyer client interaction highly engaging and easy! I am so happy to have found him to represent my case... hands down I'm a client for life!

A.S., Toronto, Ontario

Gets to the point

Mr Ung does what most lawyers should do: get an appropriate assessment and gets to the point. He provided clear and concise assessments of my situation and will put up a fight when things got dirty. Get some advice. It's worth your time

J.L., Montreal, Quebec

Most caring and professional lawyer

Jean-Pierre Ung supported me through my separation and subsequent divorce. Understanding my financial constraints together with my background, JP enabled me to manage costs by working closely with him and his team. On occasion when JP didn’t need to be on-site, I had less costly yet very effective representation from a team member. My initial separation was very amicable although JP was sure to protect me by addressing potential future concerns just in case. Sadly we had to lean on those additional clauses when it developed into a very challenging divorce. In the end there were no custody issues as I was left with the children and all bills. When their father walked away, JP was most supportive and helped me navigate the FRO process that we sadly had to lean on. The paperwork was clean leaving no dispute when FRO had to act. JP was understanding of my need to do the best for my children in order to get closure. Now that they are grown I am pleased to have that behind me and be able to move forward with my life. I would highly recommend Jean-Pierre Ung without hesitation.

K.N., Toronto, Ontario

Highly Recommend

I was referred to Mr. Ung and upon further research I found that Mr. Ung was heavily praised by everyone who had worked with him. They had commented on his integrity, honesty, efficiency, and caring personality. As I was understandably impressed, I worked with Mr. Ung on my matrimonial matter, which we resolved quickly, and to my satisfaction. He provided me with excellent case law, and took all the right steps in accordance with my wishes and which were in the best interests of the case. I can attest as I have seen how hard working Mr. Ung is, as he is always available, and very flexible with his hours. He is extremely reasonable with his rates, and understanding when it comes to unique or special circumstances. Mr. Ung represents exactly what anyone looks for in a lawyer, and upholds this at all times. I highly recommend Mr. Ung to anyone, no matter their case or circumstances, as he is highly experienced in all areas of law, and consistently provides quality legal services.

M.H., Markham, Ontario

Excellent experience

As an orthodontic professional, I have had the benefit of interactions with many different lawyers. My experience with JP in the area of contract law was excellent. He took the time to understand my needs, explain various options/scenarios, and guided me through the entire process in a timely and efficient manner. Recommend highly without hesitation.

J.T., Markham, Ontario

Gifted lawyer and empathetic person-a rare combination.

A truly gifted lawyer and empathetic person; Jean-Pierre Ung is a rare find. I am blessed to have Mr. Ung as my Lawyer during my remarkably challenging separation, custody issues, including financial/asset divisions and leading up to my divorce order. He exceeded my expectations in all my encounters with him. I am so grateful for his honesty and commendable ability to efficiently deliver closure in a surprisingly short time–saving me needless legal costs. I was treated with respect; my inquiries were always met in a timely manner and he never made me feel like I had a stupid question. Even on occasions where he was not able to attend to my emails right away, I would get a quick reply, “I am in court. Will respond ASAP.” This is the first testimony/review I have ever written. I am putting this in writing as I honestly feel Mr. Jean-Pierre Ung’s high level of professionalism and overall conduct as an empathic individual deserve praise.

C.L., Toronto, Ontario
"I'm rating this lawyer based on limited interaction - Mr.Ung didn't end up representing me on the case. The reason for high rating is the following. I found Mr.Ung to be honest, helpful and totally focused on the best interest of a client even when it means no money / business for Mr Ung personally. He spent his personal time with me on the phone by returning my call after hours. He heard me out and walked me through intricacies of my special situation and then provided me with complimentary specific and actionable instructions on how to find professional representation that would be best in my particular case. This helped me understand what kind of lawyer I'd need to get the best shot at my case and helped me find the right one."I., Toronto, Ontario
"It had been a difficult time going through a separation and divorce which was worsened by a previous lawyer that I had to severe services. A blessing in disguise or I would’ve never found JP. From beginning to end, Jean-Pierre was exceptional; explained each step, addressed my questions and kept me informed throughout the process. He was and continued to be very thorough and prompt in his responses which assured my case was in good hands. Jean-Pierre is very personable and made a difficult situation much less stressful. My only wish was that he practiced all kinds of law so that I could have the same assurances in other areas as well but I respect his reasons for specialization. His professionalism exceeded all expectations and I only have good things to say about him and the great service he provides. Thank you Jean-Pierre."Anonymous, Kleinburg, Ontario
"My wife and I have known Mr. Ung for quite some time and we have come to be very fond of him. He is very friendly and kind, so we befriended him, and he is like a part of our family now. Recently, we bought a house and we needed a lawyer, so we called him up. He told us that he doesn’t do real estate, but was able to send us to his colleague who is. Mr Ung has helped us and even our families with so many matters. Small ones and big ones. He was always there for us with advice and or comforting words of wisdom. Just let’s say, we completely trust him as a person and as a lawyer. We are expecting our second baby to our family very soon, and we will definitely go back to him for wills."A.M., North York, Ontario
"I learned the hard way the how damaging the wrong attorney can be to your case. After firing my first lawyer I asked a friend who is a criminal lawyer for a referral. Without hesitation, Jean-Pierre Ung (JP). What separated JP from my first lawyer and probably most was that he didn't sugar coat or promise me the world. He explained the inequalities in the family court system and prepared me for the fight ahead. He represented himself professionally and gave respect to the other council even when they did not show the same in return. With JP you get a level headed professional committed to resolving matters rather than prolonging them. Despite his best efforts my matter went to trial. His preparation impressed even courtroom staff. JP proved before the court that my ex-wife lied consistently throughout the length of the proceedings. Causing a trial to ensue. At the conclusion of the trial I was granted full custody of my son and $85,000 to offset court costs. Thank you JP."D.B., Toronto, Ontario
"Highly recommend! He is my second lawyer, and since the day we’ve been working together I had never need to worry about "my lawyer" not responded me when I asking him a question / in an emergency situation. His reaction is very quick, being there whenever you need him. My former lawyer can't be trust at this point. Also Mr. Ung always followed up, knows every details / update of my case. He has very high negotiation skills, before the four-parties meeting; he helped me with the preparation both documental and emotionally, pointed out what’s right to do during the meeting. Thanks Mr. Ung his high negotiation skills, his expertise and experience, make me got the greatest benefit. Just can’t say “THANK YOU! enough."A.L., Toronto, Ontario