Former and existing clients of the Law Office swear by our services.
"Souvent, les avocats peuvent nous intimider. Jean-Pierre Ung est d’une race différente d’avocats. Non seulement il est professionnel mais il possède une dimension humaine dans sa personnalité et cela est rare. Il m’a beaucoup aidé dans mon divorce."P.A. Toronto, Ontario
"I'm so grateful to Mr. Ung for helping me through my recent divorce. I was completely unfamiliar with the process of obtaining a divorce and Mr. Ung patiently explained the legal intricacies to me and helped me understand what to expect each step of the way. Mr. Ung is totally professional and very caring - he really helped me through this difficult time in my life. He’s also very reasonable with regards to his fees and I absolutely recommend his services to anyone starting the divorce process and looking for legal advice and representation."LL,McK, Markham, Ontario
"Jean Pierre, JP as he is referred to, helped my wife and I get through a very difficult criminal matter with our son. JP listened to our concerns, provided us with his professional judgment without being over bearing and allowed us to make our own decisions. This is the type of quality in a lawyer that is expected but not always found. He did his homework and explained to us in plain English what we needed to know and expect. He may look young, but he is wise beyond his years! We highly recommend him! " G & K, Markham, Ontario
"I came to Mr. Ung for legal representation during my recent divorce. Mr. Ung and his staff made me feel at ease with the process, as I was completely unaware of how the family court system worked. He was professional, kind and most of all fair and up front in all his dealings with me. He helped to bring to a close a very painful chapter in my life and I do not hesitate in the least to recommend his services to anyone in need of legal representation."J.C., Uxbridge, Ontario
"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DIVORCE LAWYER. It has been my good fortune to work with Jean-Pierre & his staff. His patience and understanding is exemplary & much appreciated. Jean-Pierre is knowledgeable, experienced and very intelligent. He is honest, ethical, a wonderful person & an excellent attorney. I have the utmost confidence in Jean-Pierre & his staff and highly recommend them. PROS: Great price, sincere, responds to calls/e-mails, extremely smart."Y.K., Markham, Ontario
"Great Experience!! We needed a lawyer to help with a Will issue and I can't be more please in having JP Ung represent us. He was sharp, efficient and incredibly pleasant."MH, Sharon, Ontario
"최근에 가정문제로 인하여 여러 변호사를 알아보다, 지인 소개로 J.P 와 상담을 받게 됬습니다. 다른 변호사들보다, 그리비싸지 않는 가격으로 친절하게 아무것도 모르는 저에게 하나하나 차근차근 일을 설명해주면서 처리해주었고, 너무 고맙고 마음 편안했습니다."JJS, Toronto, Ontario
"During a very trying time in my life Mr. Ung was understanding, accommodating and on point. When emotions were running high Mr. Ung was able to keep things in perspective and get the job done." KB, Markham, Ontario
"J.P. is an excellent lawyer. He handled my (rather lengthy) separation agreement, was understanding of my situation, is professional, and took time to connect on a personal level too."AM, Markham, Ontario
"I had the pleasure of Jean-Pierre Ung working with me on my corporate and business's legal needs. He was courteous, communicative, and above all, extremely professional. I will definitely be coming back to him for my future legal needs and advice, and would wholeheartedly recommend him to friends and family."T.K., Toronto, Ontario
"My spouse and i both just want to thank you again for the all the hard work you did for us in such a short time and for reviewing things so thoroughly with me. Getting our marriage contract done and over with has been an elephant in the room for us for a long time and having it completed is a huge relief and peace of mind. I'm still surprised at how well laid out and easy to read it is, and you made this whole process very easy for me."T.L., Toronto, Ontario
"Es mi sincera convicción de que sin Jean Pierre energía,entusiasmo, una persona positiva y sensible, mi caso no se habría celebrado. Me gustaría expresar mi agradecimiento por su ayuda en mi nombre.Jean Pierre es muy profesional y recibí el mejor servicio y asesoramiento que posiblemente podría esperando. Yo le recomiendo.Gracias por un trabajo bien hecho, puede disfrutar de una carrera exitosa y gratificante!" S.G.S., Brampton, Ontario
"Nếu mà nói về Jean-Pierre Ung, thì tôi có rất nhiều điều để nói : tôi có làm việc với anh đả củng nhiều lần rồi, cho mấy người khách của tôi. Lần nào, lần nấy, anh ta điều làm việc hết lòng, không những vậy mà anh ta còn dải thích từng chúc tại sao phải như vậy. Anh ta sẻ đảm bảo cho bạn biết tất cả và lựa chọn của bạn sẻ ra sao. Anh ta không làm việc vì tiền không mà đặc điểm nhất của anh ta là anh ta làm việc với một tấm lòng u ái, nhưng đạo, chăm chỉ và hiểu biết về phong tục Việt Nam.Còn nửa, anh ta nói ba thứ tiếng Anh, Pháp và Việt thong thạo. Anh ta không những là người chuyên nghiệp, có đạo đức mà còn có một cái tắm lòng mà ít có luật sư nào có được. Khi anh ta làm việc, anh ta rất là chu đáo, hoàn hảo trong vấn đề pháp lý. Nếu bạn cần một người luật sư để cho trường hợp của bạn, thì JP là người mà tôi có thể nói là bạn có thể tin tưởng vào 100%. Anh ta sẻ làm hết mình cho bạn và nhiều khi hơn những gì bạn đòi hỏi nửa.Không những vậy mà anh ta sẻ dải thích từng chúc cho bạn biết tại sao, anh ta sẻ đảm bảo cho bạn biết tất cả và lựa chọn của bạn sẻ ra sao. Anh ta không làm việc vì tiền không mà đặc điểm của anh ta là anh ta làm việc với một tấm lòng u ái, rất là nhưng đạo, chăm chỉ và hiểu biết về phong tục Việt Nam."R.M.N., Toronto, Ontario
"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm to recommend Jean-Pierre Ung. Jean-Pierre assisted me through a very difficult and time consuming divorce. He went above and beyond to provide an impressive level of legal service I am confident I would not have received elsewhere. He remained extremely dedicated to my case and treated me as a top priority regardless of his hectic schedule. Jean-Pierre is incredibly educated in this area of Family Law which permits him to offer impeccable legal guidance and counselling. His vast knowledge base, honest nature and genuine concern to help those in need not only makes him an accomplished lawyer, but also an exceptional individual. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the quality of support Jean-Pierre has provided and would highly recommend his services without hesitation" M.M., Toronto, Ontario
"I love JPU. He's the best lawyer! Highly recommend him."S.W,, NYC, USA
"At one of the hardest times of my life, when I needed someone I could trust I found JP. He has the ability to cut through to the heart of the matter and to keep the end goal in site while accommodating our emotional reaction to situations. JP is someone you can trust to keep your expectations realistic. Thank you JP for helping me through this."B.L., Keswick, Ontario
"If you're looking for a lawyer that gets things done - fast, look no further than JP. He's a meticulous straight shooter who gives you all the facts up front. He helped us complete a marital contract in record time. I'm a very demanding client, but he responded to all my questions promptly. He's worth every penny and more!"F.L, Toronto, Ontario
"Bilang isang nagsosolong magulang ng apat na anak kami po'y nagpapasalamat kay Attorney Jean-Pierre Ung na walang sawang pagtulong sa aking kaso( Divorce at child custody at support) . Sa aking pagnanais na matugunan ang aking hinihiling na suporta ng ama para sa kanyang mga anak ay natupad sa napaka-ikli na panahon.Si Attorney JP Ung po ang tunay na abogado na dapat ninyong asahan sa simula hanggang sa paglitis ng anumang kaso.Hinding-hindi nya kayo pababayaan.Ngayon ako ay masaya, may tahimik na pamumuhay, maaliwalas na paligid at mananatili sa aming puso kasama ng aking mga anak ang pagtulong ni Attorney JP Ung.Mahal na mahal namin kayo."God Bless You".C.B.M., Toronto, Ontario
"The service I received from JP was exemplary. My complicated divorce situation was handled with professionalism, haste, and care, which produced immediate results. Complete ease client side with and absence of stress, I will not hesitate to recommend his services to friends and family. "L.K., Vancouver, British Columbia
"In collaborating with J. P. Ung on two corporate lawsuits, we found him very insightful in scoping the situation and articulating the considerations to facilitate moving to closure.
With expectations established at the outset, this was very helpful in minimizing time, cost and anxiety associated with navigating through the legal system."
R.T., CEO, Confidential Corporation, Winnetka, Illinois, U.S.A., and Markham, Ontario
"Dear JP,
I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in the handling of a case for my company.I am particularly glad the matter was resolved promptly and to our satisfaction.
Your service from start to finish has been exemplary, and on a professional, knowledgeable yet friendly level.
Thank you once again."
NNE Inc., Markham, Ontario
"Quando avevo bisogno di un avvocato per alcuni documenti personali, non avevo idea da dove cominciare. Ho trovato JP on-line, e dal momento in cui l'ho contattato per la prima volta, mi ha fatto stare tranquillo e mi ha messo a mio agio. Ha spiegato ogni passo, e mi ha dato tutte le informazioni di cui avevo bisogno per prendere le decisioni migliori. L'ho consigliato a tutti i miei amici e parenti."M.M.A, Toronto, ON
"I retained Jean-Pierre Ung upon recommendation of a dear friend while engaged in a difficult divorce proceeding. I was immediately impressed by Mr. Ung’s professionalism, diligence and forthright approach to advocacy. When Mr. Ung was required to represent my matter in court, he did so effectively as a courteous and articulate communicator, a strategic litigator and a wise advocate.
I am very grateful to Jean-Pierre Ung for his highly competent representation which has resulted in the fair and reasonable resolution of my matter. I also appreciated Mr. Ung’s compassion, sense of service and likeable personality which also provided me with confidence and peace of mind throughout my ordeal. Thus, I highly recommend the legal services of Jean-Pierre Ung as I have found him to be a brilliant legal mind with a humanitarian approach to the practice of law."
O.M., Alberta
"我很想借此机会感谢JP在这么短的时间内帮我完成了婚前协议书的拟订并且为我争取了最大的利益。JP是个责任心很强的律师,工作也非常有效率。他会用很简单的语言很有耐心的为我解释每一条的内容,并且很关心客人的感受。他是那种在关键时候绝对会为自己的客人争取的那种律师,谢谢JP."X.W., Toronto, Ontario